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By DarkNWS » over 6 years ago
[B]What is your Minecraft Username and Age? [/B]mnm1234 and im 15 years old soon 16 :D [B]Have you been staff on another server? If so, it's very helpful if you have proof. [/B]Well not on big servers only on a friends one and thats when i was 10 so thats not really helpful :D [B]Roughly how long have you been playing on our server? [/B]The ontime thing says ive been playing on here for 3days 22hours and 34min :D but ive known the server since maybe september 2014 [B]Why do you want to become a member of staff on Worldscape? [/B]Because i really enjoy this server its the only one i know were the community is so kind like everyone is just chill and its just good days on the server :) [B]How much time could you put towards moderating the server? [/B]I would say a good amount of time because at the moment ive got vacation and i havent got any plans for the vacation. [B]What position are you applying for on which server? [/B]I would like either Moderator or Admin on the survival server because its were i spend my time on the server :D

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By Electro440 » over 5 years ago
I'm so sorry for the late reply... If you are still interested/still play on the server, please reapply. - James