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IGN: Gamertron7500
By Gamertron7500 » over 6 years ago
[B]What's your Minecraft username and age?[/B] My Minecraft username is Gamertron7500 and I'm 15 years old. [B]Have you been staff on another server?[/B] Sadly, no; but I would like to have some training to be one as it'll be a new experience for me to learn. [B]How long have you been playing on the server? [/B] I've been playing on Worldscape, say, like a year ago or something. [B]Why do you want to become a member of staff on Worldscape? [/B] I would like to be a member of staff because I'm active for most of the time, good at sorting out arguments and also that I can come up with good ideas/suggestions to be added on the server. I also join lots of popular servers such as Wynncraft or Mineplex and use their ideas to come up with something new. [B]How much time could you put towards moderating the server? [/B] I can put in as much time as I need whenever it's possible, even if it's a general meeting or something important. I have a 6 week holiday from school, however, since I'm travelling to somewhere else, I won't be able to join for at least 2 or 3 days, depending on what time of the day I arrive to my destination. [B]What position are you applying for on which server? [/B] Hmm... Tough question. I'm thinking that I can be a mod on the survival server but I'm also thinking that I can be an admin like Electro440. If not, then moderator is my only way to go. [B] [/B]

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IGN: Electro440
By Electro440 » over 5 years ago
For now denied, however once the server is sorted out and we can get on track, you could apply again. Nice app ;) - James