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IGN: MingoTheMango
By MingoTheMango » over 6 years ago
[I][B][U]WHAT IS YOUR MINECRAFT USERNAME AND AGE?[/U][/B][/I] --FlamingLorder and 15 [B][I][U]HAVE YOU BEEN STAFF ON ANOTHER SERVER?(If so, it's very helpful if you have proof.)[/U][/I][/B] --Yes, a very long time ago. I have also been a Moderator on this server. [B][I][U]ROUGHLY HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN PLAYING ON OUR SERVER?[/U][/I][/B] --A few years now.(I think) [B][I][U]WHY DO YOU WANT TO BECOME A MEMBER OF WORLDSCAPE?[/U][/I][/B] --I want to become a Moderator of Worldscape to help people. Everyone once in a while Cam decides to get a life and isn't on, and I have been on a lot more than usual.(Kidding Cam, love you xD) Every once in a while a newbie will show up wondering how the server works and what to do, and I believe I can help people in that way, when/if another Staff member does not want to or is busy with other everyday business. Etc. [B][I][U]HOW MUCH TIME COULD YOU PUT TOWARDS MODERATING THE SERVER?[/U][/I][/B] --I think I will be able to put a couple hours in a day, depending on the day. I am in school, so some days I'll be able to put more/less time in. On the weekends I'll be able to put more time in.(I wont have to worry about finals) [I][B][U]WHAT POSITION ARE YOU APPLYING FOR ON WHICH SERVER?[/U][/B][/I] --I am applying to be a Moderator on survival if not survival and creative(When creative is up of course) Thank You. -FlamingLorder, AKA: Mingo, Flamingo, MasterFalmingo, Ass hole, wait no thats one, nor is that, help, ahhh xD