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By Samerton » over 7 years ago
We ask that you to use the following template to submit a staff application. Any applications submitted which don't follow this template may be cancelled by the staff. Please create your application in a new thread inside this forum.

What is your Minecraft Username and Age?

Have you been staff on another server? If so, it's very helpful if you have proof.

Roughly how long have you been playing on our server?

Why do you want to become a member of staff on Worldscape?

How much time could you put towards moderating the server?

You CANNOT apply for anything above Moderator. Admin Rank and above cannot be applied for. Doing so will result in immediate denial of the application.

Admin Rank is only given to Moderators who have shown they go above and beyond what is expected of a Moderator.

Thank you for abiding by this application form.
-Samerton and AmericanShogun_

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