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IGN: AmericanShogun_
By AmericanShogun_ » over 7 years ago

Pets have been a long since desire of our players, and they are now here!

To learn the commands go in-game and do /pet help

I think you will all be delighted to hear when I say this: Free-To-Play players CAN have their own pets! Unlike many other servers, our Non-Donors can have pets and ride them around the world. Every time you advance in rank, you unlock another pet type.

Once you choose a pet, it is NEVER permanent. You may always change to a different pet whenever you choose.

Donors do have a majority of the pet types, mods, and other things. These entail the following: Pet mods like Sheep Colors, Sheared Sheep, Wither Skeleton variant, and Powered Creepers. The other things get are the abilities such as: wearing pets as Hats, Hiding their Pets, and being able to have their pet ridden by another pet, such as a Zombie Riding a Horse.

Have fun everyone!


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IGN: Electro440
By Electro440 » over 7 years ago
Sweet, glad you guys got this set up!