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So, if you're a new or returning player, or maybe just want to have a quick recap with the server rules, you can view the list of rules that you must follow on the server here (or by doing /rules in the server). If the rules have been broken or failure to follow these rules will result in necessary punishments made by the moderators and admins. We're not here to restrict or censor anything as we all want you to have fun.


  1. Be respectful towards other players and staff - a good community is where everyone is kind to each other, and we want to keep it that way where everyone can have fun without any problems. This means no swearing or verbally harming anyone at all!
  2. Use common sense - if you believe that the action you're doing is wrong, please think twice about the action you're about to do before you actually do it. It's always a good to ask yourself: "Is it a good idea to do this?", "Will I break the server rules?" or "Will I get punished if I do this?". If in doubt, don't do it!
  3. No griefing - we don't tolerate with all kinds of griefing other player's builds as it could take them days, weeks, or even months to finish a build. A grief is simply where you destroy another player's build. You will be banned with the duration depending on the extent of the grief up to a permanent ban.
  4. No advertising - we understand that it's a good idea to advertise other Minecraft servers to bring more people onto the server, but please don't it here on the server! You have online websites and resources for you to advertise, and anyone caught advertising on the server will be temporaily muted and/or permanently banned if they spam the chat.
  5. No usage of AFK machinery - for you to be marked as AFK (Away From Keyboard) on the server, you simply type /afk or just be literally AFK for a bit. However, an example of an AFK machine is where you place water that flows around in the same direction in a circle and you're constantly flowing around in it whilst you're AFK, therefore preventing the server to mark you as AFK as you're constantly moving around in the water. We don't allow those kinds of AFK machinery trickery on the server at all.
  6. It's your responsibility to lock your chests with LWC - to use this plugin, type /lock and follow the on-screen instructions by punching on what you would like to lock and do the exact same thing with /unlock. This prevents everyone, but you, from accessing your items. If your items has been stolen from another player with your chest unlocked, you are therefore responsible for looking after your items as we simply won't replace them for you.
  7. NO HACKS OR MODS! - absolutely, under any circumstances whatsoever, DO NOT use any hacks or mods that gives you an unfair advantage over other players! You will be permantely banned if you're caught using any hacks or mods on the server!
  8. Do not constantly ask mods or admins to give you a rank promotion, OP or admin - your rank on the server is determined by how long you've been on the server in total. You can check this by typing /ontime. OP mode and mod/admin privileges are only accessible to all admins and mods only. Please do not constantly ask them to give you a rank promotion, OP mode or mod/admin privileges as you can get temporaily muted or kicked if you do so.
  9. Do not constantly demand Creative mode - it's a survival server! What do you expect? Similar to rule 8, you also cannot constantly pester admins or mods to give you Creative mode. The answer will be no and you may be given a temporary mute or kick if you continuously ask them.
  10. Do not annoy other players, mods or admins - no one likes annoying people and so do we, so please don't be annoying. If someone finds it annoying on what you're doing or saying, please stop as it may result in you being kicked, or temporarily banned or muted depending on the extent of the annoyance.
  11. Do not bypass mutes or bans by using a different account - if you have been temporarily muted or banned from the server, please be aware that you will face the same punishment(s) that you received from your current account if you use your new account just to simply bypass them. The best solution is to wait until the ban or mute runs out as you'll then get back to chatting and playing with other people rather than making things worse.
  12. No inappropriate creations or builds - honestly, this server is meant to be friendly to everyone at all times. We honestly don't accept any dongs or any other builds that's deemed rude or inappropriate.
  13. No racism or abuse! - Minecraft is a game where anyone regardless of age, gender, nationaility, skin colour, personaility, race or ethnicity, and we expect equaility on the server as well. Anyone caught and found being racist to other players will instantly result in a permanent ban or mute. We have a zero-tolerance policy with racism.
  14. Do not enter other players' houses without their permission - we all have a right for privacy (not that kind of privacy!) on the server, and we disallow you to enter other players' houses without their permission. If you don't like other people visiting your house without permission, then they expect the same to you as well.
  15. Do not excessively use CAPITALS or swear! - we do accept small amounts of capitals and swearing, but please bear in mind that we DON'T accept you constantly swearing or using capitals. You can get muted or banned if you do so.
  16. Do not claim another faction's land unless you agreed to wage war with them - we have factions available on the server, and you can claim land, form alliances and enemies and wage war against each other's factions. However, please don't claim any land that righfully belongs to a faction unless you have both agreed to form a war against each other.
  17. Do not scam other people via trading - being scammed in Minecraft is annoying as being scammed in real life, which is why we advise you to be careful with other players organising trades with you. We're not saying that all trades are scams, but if you believe the trade they're offering you is too good to be true, then be extra cautious! Please report scams to mods or admins so that they're aware of this and so it can be dealt with quickly.
  18. Do not abuse any exploits on the shops system in the server - if you have found an exploit on the shops system in the server, please report it to an admin as soon as possible so that it can be quickly fixed and dealt with. Please do not abuse or take advantage of the exploit as your in-game balance will be reset by an admin if you do so.

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