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IGN: Electro440
By Electro440 » over 8 years ago
Hey All, As we are coming to some important decisions regarding the future of Worldscape, we are rolling out a series of polls that you have (hopefully) seen and voted on. We would like to take the opinions of you guys into account while we are setting things up. 1. KitPvP: [URL]http://strawpoll.me/4133667[/URL] 2. Survival Ranks: [URL]http://strawpoll.me/4115957[/URL] [B]Note: More coming soon, be sure to check back frequently! [/B] Thank you for your continued support through these times, Worldscape Staff


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IGN: newtj599zzzbro
By newtj599zzzbro » over 8 years ago
Your welcome :D