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Pets have been a long since desire of our players, and they are now here!

To learn the commands go in-game and do /pet help

I think you will all be delighted to hear when I say this: Free-To-Play players CAN have their own pets! Unlike many other servers, our Non-Donors can have pets and ride them around the world. Every time you advance in rank, you unlock another pet type.

Once you choose a pet, it is NEVER permanent. You may always change to a different pet whenever you choose.

Donors do have a majority of the pet types, mods, and other things. These entail the following: Pet mods like Sheep Colors, Sheared Sheep, Wither Skeleton variant, and Powered Creepers. The other things get are the abilities such as: wearing pets as Hats, Hiding their Pets, and being able to have their pet ridden by another pet, such as a Zombie Riding a Horse.

Have fun everyone!


over 7 years ago
11/10 would promote to Cheif Derp
over 7 years ago
Max Level Donors now get the permisson to do /tptoggle. tptoggle, or TeleportToggle, restricts all players from being able to send you any kind of /tpa request. if you send them the request, they can still accept it, even if your TpToggle is on.
over 7 years ago

MobArena is a plugin that we have long since desired to have, and now it is finally here!

It is still in testing stages currently, but the first arena is almost complete as I am making this post. There are a few kinks to iron out as it is in Beta release, but those will all be fixed soon.

The only arena currently available is named "Default" as I have never setup this plugin before and needed to see how things worked.

We will of course add more Classes and Arenas, and you can submit Class suggestions here

Later on we will open up for New Arena submissions, but lets not get too ahead of ourselves too quickly.

Have fun! Hope to see you all in-game.


over 7 years ago
Hello everyone! in this thread, you can post suggestions for Classes in Mobarena! make sure it is on par with the other classes, but make it unique as well. Don't make copies of a different Class and change one little thing. Make a whole new class from the ground up. I want to see your creativity everybody! Lets see what you can do. ~Camel
over 7 years ago