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[U]What is your Minecraft Username and Age?[/U] Username: Ninjaosity. Age: 14 [U]Have you been staff on another server? If so, it's very helpful if you have proof.[/U] I have been a admin on a server that doesn't exist anymore. [U]Roughly how long have you been playing on our server?[/U] My on time is 3 days but I have been on this server for almost a year. [U]Why do you want to become a member of staff on Worldscape?[/U] I want to help make the server better with new plugins and other things. And i have banned a few hackers and griefers on past servers. [U]How much time could you put towards moderating the server?[/U] Depends on the day, but for a couple hours each day. What position are you applying for on which server? The positions are as follows: Survival: [COLOR=#ffff00]Moderator,[/COLOR]
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