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So i didn't know that the server switched over to 1.9 and that my house was transferred over, so i teleported away and i have lost my house
over 6 years ago
Im tallman118, i like pvp, mob killing and making money. This server is amazing, and the community is extremely nice and i highly recommend this server.
over 7 years ago
Im just saying that i was recently griefed myself and i just want a position that allows me to stop other people from being griefed.
over 7 years ago
What is your Minecraft Username and Age? Tallman118 12 Have you been staff on another server? If so, it's very helpful if you have proof. I was, but i have no proof Roughly how long have you been playing on our server? Since 1.7.4 Why do you want to become a member of staff on Worldscape? To help new players to to protect current players from greifers and help everybody get along How much time could you put towards moderating the server? Since its summer break, i can put in alot but once school starts probably only 3-4 hours a day. What position are you applying for on which server? Moderator
over 7 years ago